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  About KidSpring

The inspiration for KidSpring began right at home with our own children. We are a group of professionals with combined expertise in software, visual arts, and educational design. While bringing up children of various ages and diverse cultural backgrounds within our extended families, we realized our valuable experiences are great assets to build upon. It only made sense to put our skills to good use and build apps for our own children.

For us, it's a labor of love. Each app is designed to emphasize specific educational concepts for a particular stage in a child's perceptual, motor, social and intellectual development. The cognitive building blocks and motor learning modalities behind each app are derived from experimental observations of our children interacting with their environment as they play and learn. The creative process often begins with a case and addresses a specific need. Children participate in creating the app. The final app is considered finished and introduced only with our kids' enthusiastic approval.

We hope your child enjoys the apps as much as ours do. More importantly, these apps foster the learning process and nurture your child's development. Early childhood development is a key foundation that helps children reach their full potential. Today's technology offers the children of our generation boundless opportunities to spring forward. We welcome your participation as we create new learning experiences for our children as they grow.

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