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  KidSpring Studio Introduces Two New Apps - Toddler Counting & Alphabets

Toddler Counting & Alphabets "Pond Life" and "Dinosaurs" for iPad

SUNNYVALE, (Apr. 8, 2011) ĘC KidSpring, a producer of next generation apps on iPad and Android tablets for early childhood education, today announced the release of two new applications for iPad and iPad2 tablets. The toddler counting and alphabet applications are designed for early childhood and pre-school development focusing on core cognitive concepts built around alphabet letter and number (ABC and 123) sequencing. The apps are designed in conjunction with parents, child behavioral therapists, school teachers, and evaluated extensively with children throughout the product development cycle.

The "Pond Life" package focuses on animals and insects associated with a pond themed environment while the "Dinosaurs" package is based upon a prehistoric themed environment. Both apps are brought to life with rich illustrations and audio. Children will learn through the exploration and discovery of sequencing puzzles with unique character illustrations while developing their imagination and learning patterns.

Each application offers four distinct modes of play designed to emphasize specific educational concepts throughout various stages of a child's social, perceptual and intellectual development. The "Pond Life" package includes a mode of play which emphasizes the refinement of fine motor skills while the "Dinosaurs" package includes a mode of play which focuses on lower case alphabet letters. In addition, both apps offer a settings menu for the parents and/or teachers (that is blocked by children) which provides options to configure the interactions to help focus development on more specific tasks. The settings menu also provides options for a child to receive a personalized graphical certificate of accomplishment which can be printed out and put on display for reinforced encouragement and confidence.

Cognitive developmental concepts include:
  • Alphabet letter and number character and pattern recognition
  • Alphabet letter and number character matching
  • Alphabet letter sequencing
  • Number sequencing
  • Refinement of fine motor skills
  • Audio recognition of letter and number names
Key Features include:
  • 4 distinct modes of play including alphabet and counting up to 20
  • Easy to use and tested by children in focus groups
  • Audio recorded by children for peer association
  • "Sticker Book", audio and animated graphics deliver praise and rewards throughout
  • Audio confirmation of number and alphabet characters
  • Beautiful professional illustrations
Both apps are available now on Apple iTunes app store.

About KidSpring Studio

KidSpring Studio produces interactive learning apps on iPad and Android tablets for early childhood education. KidSpring apps foster the learning process and nurture a child's development by harnessing today's technology to create new learning experiences for children. KidSpring apps focus on specific educational concepts for a particular stage in a child's perceptual, motor, social and intellectual development. The cognitive building blocks and interaction modalities behind each app are derived from experimental observations of children interacting with their environment as they play and learn. KidSpring is a creation of Space Machine, based in Silicon Valley, California and founded in 1999. To learn more, please visit: www.kidspring.net.

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